Bridlington Old Town

  • Bridlington Old Town
  • Bridlington Old Town
  • Bridlington Old Town

Before 1850 or so, the High Street and its surrounding streets, alleys and ginnels (called yards) housed all the people and life of the town of Bridlington – shops, businesses, workshops, markets, grand houses, and crowded tenements. After the arrival of the railway in the 1840s and the growth of the seaside holiday trade, economic activity gradually shifted to the area round the harbour – to what we now know as the town centre. As a result, the Old Town has retained most of its historic buildings and special atmosphere. The High Street has many historic buildings dating from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries built on much older foundations.

Bridlington Old Town – Events

The annual Bridlington Old Town Summer Festival took place on Sunday 12th June 2016 with a 1940s theme, offering great entertainment and great food! The John Miller Orchestra marked the start the festival with a concert at Bridlington Priory on Saturday 11th June (7:30pm). Visit the festival’s website at for further information.

Sarah Macmillan, an individual film-maker and photographer based in Scarborough who specialises in heritage events, made a short film which records some of the day’s events and tries to capture the great atmosphere of the Old Town during the 1940s Summer Festival. Please click here to enjoy the film.

Many other events are still at the planning stage so keep checking for regular updates!

Linda Ellis has written a book, ‘A Snapshot of High Street Bridlington’, and signed copies of this at Bridlington’s Old Town Gallery during the Heritage Open Day 2015.