About The Priory:
God’s Love For Everyone

Welcome to the Priory Church of St Mary, Bridlington. This website gives an insight into how the Good News of Jesus Christ is witnessed here today, and has been for over 900 years.

Priory 900 - Geophysical Survey

A 900 Year Journey

Bridlington Priory was founded in 1113 as a house of Augustinian canons. The founder, Walter de Gant, was a friend of the King, Henry I. Benefactors at this time often preferred the Augustinians to other monastic orders as they looked after parishes and were subject to the King and Bishop. The Priory was wealthy from the start and produced scholars and musicians.

A later Prior made such an impact on the community with his good works that after his death he was made a saint – St. John of Bridlington. However, at the Reformation the Priory, along with all religious houses, was ‘dissolved’, most of its buildings destroyed and its property seized.

The nave only was left and that is what we see today. The Priory was the sole parish church in Bridlington from then until the 19th century.

The Priory Today

The original vision of the Priory’s foundation was to promote:

  • worship and prayer
  • learning and study
  • hospitality

In the 21st century, the Priory aims to celebrate and promote these three strands for the glory of God and the benefit of the whole community.