Priory Timeline

1066 Gilbert de Gant comes to England with William the Conqueror.
1113 Gilbert de Gant’s son, Walter de Gant, establishes a Priory of Regular Canons.
1143 Canons evicted by the Duke of Albermarle.
1156 The canons return and the great building begins to arise.
1160 Robert the Scribe copies book and the Priory library begins to grow.
1200 King John grants a charter to hold an annual fair and weekly market at Bridlington.
1251 North Porch pillars carved.
1308 The Prior is summoned to London for the coronation of Edward II.
1320 John de Thweng born.
1362 John de Thweng becomes Prior, aged 42.
1379 Prior John dies; his miracles become widely known.
1390 The Great West Window is finished.
1401 Prior John is canonised.
1421 Henry V visits the Shrine of St John.
1451 Henry VI founds the Choir School.
1537 Prior William Woode is executed for supporting the Pilgrimage of Grace.
1539 The Priory, apart from the nave, is destroyed. St John’s Shrine is burnt in the Market Place.
1846 The restoration of the Priory begins.
1871 The Great Gale tragedy.
1944 A Priory window is blown out.
2013 Priory 900 is celebrated, including a visit from Their Royal Highnesses the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall.