Caring for God’s Creation

The Priory Church is committed to the care of all God’s creatures and to animal welfare.

Free-range eggs, dolphin-friendly tuna and local butcher’s meat are used in church catering.
Fair Trade tea, coffee and sugar are used.
Vegetarian options are available at Priory events.
There are annual Pet Blessing and ‘Bark the Herald’ Christmas services in conjunction with the RSPCA.
The ‘Living Churchyard’ area promotes a safe, pesticide-free habitat for insects, invertebrates, birds, reptiles and small mammals.
Animal-friendly cleaning products are used whenever possible.
The Priory’s heating and lighting systems are energy efficient.
The Churchyard is regularly tidied of cans, plastics and other litter harmful to wildlife.
The East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s provision of bins for recycling paper, card and glass and for composting garden and food waste is fully supported.
Visitors with assistance and pet dogs are welcome in church. A water bowl is provided.
Request for prayer for sick or injured animals is available.

Animal-Friendly Church

Bridlington Priory is granted ‘Animal-Friendly Church’ status, and is a member of the Anglican Society for the Welfare of Animals.

Animal Friendly Church
Anglican Society for the Welfare of Animals