Points of Special Interest

What should you look out for when you visit Bridlington Priory?

  • Lamb of God Tree Sculpture

    The Lamb of God tree sculpture

  • Great Gale Memorial

    The Great Gale memorial

  • East Window

    The Great East window

  • West Window

    The Great West window

  • St John of Bridlington

    An exhibition about St John of Bridlington

  • Choir Stalls

    The Choir Stall carvings based on Psalm 150

  • Appliqued Panels

    The story of the Bridlington Priory told in 12 appliquéd panels

  • George Symons V.C.

    War memorials including Cpt George Symons V.C. plaque

  • Organ

    The world-famous four manual Anneessens organ

  • Mousey Thompson Furniture

    A fine selection of ‘Mousey Thompson’ furniture

  • Founder's Stone

    The Founder’s Stone of Tournai marble

  • Frosterley Marble Font

    The font of Frosterley marble

  • St John of Bridlington Ledger Stone

    St John of Bridlington Ledger Stone

Or simply use this lovely ancient church to find peace and a time for reflection.

The Priory Churchyard

Here is a plan of the Bridlington Priory churchyard, including the Living Churchyard project, the Great Gale memorial, and the Lamb of God tree carving. The plan also shows the site of Priory’s original monastic buildings (pre-1537).

Please click on the image to enlarge it.